Charter School Operators – Administrators & Educators

Operating a public charter school is challenging, and MACS is committed to supporting each Maine charter school, in every stage of its evolution, to the benefit of Maine’s entire charter school community, its public education system, and naturally, its children.

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We persistently advocate for interests that directly affect the Maine charter school community, and can provide training and resources to ensure that your school’s parents, students, and local community are communicating the facts that support the charter school message.

Board Recruitment and Governance

As the entity accountable for fiscal oversight, fundraising, and strategic planning, an effective charter school board is a critical component to achieving success as a high-quality charter school.

We work closely with the Maine Association for Nonprofits, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, Board on Track and other organizations and consultants to assist charter school boards in implementing best practices. We offer trainings in board recruitment, orientation, and governance, strategic planning, fundraising, and performance evaluation.

MACS offers and maintains the Charter School Board Bank to assist you in recruiting a well diversified and experienced board of directors.


The charter school community is still in its formative years. One of our goals is to facilitate communication and collaboration among charter school leadership, faculty, parents, and administration through events, workshops, and an advisory council.


The MACS team has an extensive resource library for Maine charter school operators and boards. We are in the process of loading many of these documents on our website. Please check back regularly. In addition, we can loan you our print books and training tools. Just ask!

Vendor Marketplace

In support of Maine’s public charter schools, MACS has developed the Vendor Marketplace, an online directory of businesses that provide high quality products and services to K-12 schools.