MACS is the Voice
of Maine’s Charter School Community

And we can use your help!

Public charter schools need a voice to help them maintain their autonomy, allowing their staff to keep their focus on the needs of their students while creating and sustaining their innovative educational program. Onerous and restrictive bureaucratic regulations are proposed each legislative session that threaten the ability of public charter schools to live up to their promise to a positive contribution to Maine’s public education system.MACS Press Conference - Joe Grady speaking

MACS is committed to creating and sustaining a supportive regulatory environment with effective advocacy efforts at the local, state and federal levels. MACS was instrumental in the design and passage of Maine’s bipartisan charter school enabling law in 2011.  Maine’s law is the legal foundation of the public charter school sector of Maine’s public education system, and is recognized nationally as one of the top in the country for creating and sustaining high-quality charter schools.

MACS continues to monitor the work of the Maine Department of Education, the Maine Legislature, and the Federal Charter School Grant Program of the US Department of Education for proposals that could affect public charter schools in Maine. Please stay connected with MACS for updates and opportunities to help.


What Can You  Do?

“Public school improvement happens one conversation at a time.”

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Has public school choice effected your life?

Inform Yourself

– Use our website (see RESOURCES) for information
about charter schools in Maine, in other states, and nationally

Inform Others!

We encourage you to contact your representatives, Maine Department of Education personnel, and town officials to voice your support for public charter schools and expanding public education options for Maine students.

When a representative hears from his or her constituents, it matters.

If you do not know who your lawmakers are, you can find them by clicking here. Once you know who your legislators are, you can use this database to find the specific contact information for each of them. The list is alphabetical by last name, so you can scroll down to their last names and click the link to go to their profiles.

 Join a Charter School BoardBoardDiscussion

“Founding groups” and operating charter schools need boards of directors that have the exceptional capacity to create and sustain a high-quality public school program for Maine children.  A variety of skills are important on a charter school board, including expertise in finance, facilities, governance, law, and public education administration. Board members with these skills and experiences are in demand, particularly in Maine’s rural areas.


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