Charter Support
 MACS is Maine’s Charter Support Organization (CSO)
          MACS supports all stakeholders in Maine’s public education system, focusing on Maine’s Charter Schools, Maine’s Charter School Commission, Maine school districts interested in authorizing new public charter schools, and individuals and groups interested in founding new public charter schools.
About MACS
MACS is Maine’s “charter support organization” or “CSO”.  CSO’s evolved with the charter movement nationally. As each state passed its charter school law, a CSO stepped forward to lead that state’s public charter sector.MACS Display - Samoset 2
CSO leaders work together on the State Leaders Council of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, sharing, learning, and guiding the public charter sector nationally.  MACS has represented Maine on the State Leaders Council since 2008.
MACS, actually, became Maine’s CSO many years before the state’s charter law was passed (See MACS’ History), working with all stakeholders in collaboration with the National Alliance and the State Leaders Council to bring the best of public charter school practices to Maine’s public education system.
MACS is committed to improving public education programs for all children in Maine and supporting the public charter school community by:
  • Educating the public, policy makers and stakeholders about the power and potential of the charter school model;
  • Promoting high standards for public charter school authorizers and operators;
  • Facilitating collaboration among charter school boards, administrators, and teaching staffs;
  • Supporting charter school operators and founding groups as they create exceptional charter schools;
  • Collaborating with charter school associations in other states and national organizations to generate the expertise, technical support, and resources necessary to accomplish our mission and realize our vision.


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